UX Personas

To better understand Webmaker’s audience, we conducted interviews, research and analysis of real users’ motivations and struggles. This work led to eight archetypal, fictional characters that highlight distinct needs and expectations. Real-life users are complex and always changing, but these personas will more easily let us enter the headspace of users who are different from us. And as we contemplate pathways through Webmaker that meet various needs, we can refer to our users by name.

Meet Webmaker's Users
John Persona

Casual New User

John's Story
Tomas Persona

Mozilla Supporter

Tomás' Story
Deepa Persona

Informal Educator

Deepa's Story
Aaron Persona

Mainstream Educator

Aaron's Story
Colene Persona

Educational Funder

Colene's Story
Maria Persona

Hacker Activist

Maria's Story
Daniel Persona

Future Artist

Daniel's Story
Alice Persona


Alice's Story